Impacting Youth

through STEM Education

STEMWorks uses data and research when designing and improving programs to drive innovation in STEM education. 

STEMWorks, LLC anchors its work in research and evaluation to ensure high-quality STEM education. We take a mixed methods approach to evaluate all aspects of the STEM intervention including context, inputs, process, and products. Additionally, STEMWorks has written and received local and national grant funds to support STEM education.


- LTC Robert Barrow, DAI JROTC,
Mobile County Public School System





STEMWorks provides consulting services to promote and support the implementation of integrated STEM education for all students.

 STEMWorks is dedicated to assisting schools, districts, and other organizations as they plan, identify funding sources, and develop STEM programs and leadership capacity to support comprehensive and coordinated STEM education ? in particular STEM that uses engineering challenges to integrate, bring relevance to, and support current content standards and practices in mathematics and science.

STEMWorks, LLC engages teams of master teachers, STEM curriculum experts, and subject matter experts to create and implement STEM education for middle and high school youth.  We provide services to formal and informal agencies, including customized program design, curriculum development, and teacher professional development workshops.

If it were not for the professional staff of STEMWorks, my dream of starting a JROTC STEM Leadership Academy would have never come to fruition.  Their expertise in grant writing led to my organization receiving a One Million dollar grant from the National Science Foundation.  If you need curriculum designed to meet your specific learning objectives, they can prepare a detailed training program that is simply first-class by every measure.  They are my ?go to? organization for my JROTC program initiatives.  I am glad they are on my team!

Research, Evaluation, &

Grant Writing

I have been involved in engineering and STEM education leadership for over 15 years, and early on had the privilege of meeting Susan and Melissa at a conference. Over the years, I have worked with and learned from them and the terrific STEMWorks team on multiple projects. Their work has positively impacted the scientific and engineering knowledge of thousands of students from kindergarten through high school as well as their teachers and parents . But while the subject knowledge is important, it is the other skills developed that truly sets their work apart. In their work, they prioritize the development of real life skills ALL citizens need; skills such as the ability to collaborate productively; to be creative in solution development; to communicate effectively and to think critically and ethically about sound and solid solutions. Team members have significant experience in content, delivery, assessment, professional learning, evaluation and research, so STEMWorks is a one-stop shot, providing services from project beginning to end. From elementary through high school, and in formal or informal education settings, STEMWorks is well equipped to help any organization develop and implement high quality STEM education, through a wide range of consulting services, including curriculum development, grant writing, research and evaluation. I highly recommend them.

- Elizabeth Parry, Elizabeth Parry Consulting, Inc.,
  Fellow, American Society for Engineering Education, 
  Awardee, Presidential Award for Excellence in Science, Mathematics, and Engineering Mentoring





- Martha Peek, Retired Superintendent,
Mobile County Public School System

STEMWorks always delivers rich learning experiences for teachers and students that are rigorous, relevant, and engaging. Complete support for instructional success is provided by the skilled STEMWorks team members who are committed to advancing STEM education at all grade levels.