STEMWorks, LLC offers a complete range of education and education research services including:

  • Program Design
  • Curriculum Development
  • Professional Development
  • Program Evaluation
  • Education Research
  • Grant Writing

Formal & Informal STEM Education 

  • Advise districts and other organizations in the development of comprehensive and sustainable K-12 STEM program and identification of quality STEM resources.

  • Assist out-of-school providers and informal educators in developing and/or identifying quality STEM programs, e.g., elementary STEM Clubs or Camps, STEM field trips

  • Develop STEM curriculum (using a development team of STEM educators and professionals)

  • Provide STEM professional development, e.g., Orientation to K-12 STEM, Implementing STEM Professional Learning Teams: A Key to Sustaining STEM

The STEMWorks team is able to: 

Evaluation & Grant Writing Services

The STEMWorks team is able to:

  • Provide external evaluation of educational programs using mixed method evaluation methodologies.

  • Create customized data collection instruments and assessments.

  • Provide professional development workshops to increase capacity of organizations to conduct internal evaluations for continuous improvement of STEM programs.

  • Assist organizations with grant writing for local and national funding opportunities e.g., National Science Foundation